Common Questions

How long does a Session last?

Sessions typically last one hour, but may need more time based on the number of sets or backgrounds you request. Session/Creative Fees are $200 and then a Minimum Print Order of $250 is required.

When are my fees due?

Session Fees ($200), plus the minimum order fee ($250) are due at the time of your Photo Session. All other Fees are due at the time of placing your Print Order. Your $250 will then be credited against your Order Total when placing your Print Order. See our Pricing section for details.

How many sets do you have?

At any given time, we have over fifteen sets that we can work with, and even variations within sets to create a magical environment for your photo session. We always have gardens, beaches, forests and Victorian sitting rooms available. By changing backdrops, costumes and props, we can create many different looks to customize your photos. When you schedule your photo shoot, we will discuss the sets and options available.

Can I have proofs sent to me?

You are welcome to return to our studio to view your proofs in person, or we will make proofs available in our online Client Viewing area. You will be notified by email when your proofs are ready to view, and they will be available for ten days from the date of the email. The email will contain a custom password to see your photos. You must place your order within the 10-day viewing window, or you will be charged a $25 Restocking Fee to repost your proofs at a later time.

When will my proofs be ready?

Proofs generally are available within one week of your photo session. Certain times of year get busier than others, and if we are running longer than a week we will discuss that during your session. Of course, we are able to accommodate special requests, although a Rush Fee may be necessary.

Do you have a Minimum Order?

Yes, we have a minimum order of $250 in addition to the Session/Creative Fee of $200. Because each portrait is treated as an individual piece of art, we must insure that our time is fairly compensated. Liz manages every customer photo to ensure complete satisfaction for your investment. See our Pricing and Policies section. For pricing on Senior Portraits, go to our Senior Portrait website.

What kinds of cosmetic improvements and changes can be made?

We can improve skin texture, soften wrinkles and blemishes, emphasize eyes, remove stray hairs, whiten teeth, remove teeth gaps, etc. We can also change color tone of skin and eyes, and improve skin texture. Many other changes are possible, but may require additional digital imaging fees.

Do you charge extra for “fixing photos”, cosmetic improvements, head swaps, etc.?

Any extensive retouching requested at the time of ordering (head and body switching, butterflies, magic dust, rainbows, magic, clothing color changes, nail polish removal, adding Santas, etc.) will require additional charges starting at $25 and up.

Do you do weddings?

Many years ago, we decided to focus exclusively on portraiture. It is said that it takes ten years to acquire Expertise in any specific endeavor, and 15 years to Master an artistic profession. After 17 years exclusively focusing on portraiture, hand tinting and digital imaging, Liz has truly mastered her art. Our clients seem to agree.

Can you create your magic with an existing digital image?

Yes, in most cases, if you send a high-quality digital image, we can create a magical piece of art. While some photographers will simply place your image onto a background, we perform extensive digital manipulation to integrate your photo as seamlessly as possible into the background and the environment we create. All portraits are custom made and due to the extensive additional time, we require a Creative Fee ($100) for each photo we enhance. You can then refer to our regular pricing and our minimum order of $250 (in addition to the Creative Fee) still applies.

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